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Bian Stone Therapy™


What is Bian Stone Therapy™

Bian Stone Therapy™ is much more than just using a Bian Stone.
Bian Stone Therapy™ brings out the very best of the East and the West.
Bian Stone Therapy™ combines Gua Sha, Bian Stone and a Special Cream.
This Special Cream is formulatedto release a combination of Essential Oilsat exactly the right time to maximise their effect in the muscle or part of the body needing attention. The combined effect of all 3 components working in harmony together is what makes Bian Stone Therapy™ truly remarkable.


What Makes Bian Stone Therapy™ so Different

What makes the Bian Stone Therapy™ so different to any other way of doing Gua Sha, is that by using the Bian Stone, all the UNIQUE Properties in the Bian Stone get ADDED to the treatment. That is the over 40 different Minerals and Trace Elements, the Far Infra-Red and Therapeutic Ultra Sounds that makes even a lighter ‘scraping’ and ‘rubbing’ with the Bian Stone superior to using any other technique, stone, or device.

If you have not yet read about the properties of the Bian Stone, please do, so you too will get a better understanding of WHAT makes the Bian Stone Superior and Unique. By using the Special Cream with Essential Oils, we are ADDING Life Force and Enzymes to the Bian Stone Therapy™. By those Enzymes, we ADD to the body the building blocks it may need to reach its full potential.

The Special Cream helps better pinpoint what we want to have done, which is the reason for seeking the treatment in the first place. It is a big difference if you, as a client, are seeking help for a sore muscle under your foot, a bursa in your shoulder, some back ache when pregnant…or just want to relax. The combined effect of the Essential Oils means that we can also expect an even better and longer lasting effect from the treatment!

Another special feature with the Cream we use in Bian Stone Therapy™ is that the cream is designed to keep the Essential Oils IN the cream, until the body is ready to receive the specific chosen Essential Oils. The problem with Essential Oils blended into normal massage oil is that the Essential Oils are quickly absorbed into the blood stream and dissipated throughout the body, whereas our Special Cream holds the Essential oils in the cream until the injured muscle or body part needing the Essential Oil is warmed up or relaxed, and is ready to receive it.

Essential Oils in normal applications get into our bodies through the skin and from there into our bloodstream. If the Essential Oils are in a normal Massage Oil (Carrier Oil), the Essential Oils get in contact with the skin and starts getting absorbed into the body almost immediately. This means that the Essential Oils are distributed and circulated over a large area, before they can really start doing the job we want.

With the special Bian Stone Cream™, the Gua Sha with the Bian Stone prepares the muscles, by forcing out the old “stagnate” blood. This then allows the Essential Oils penetrate the muscles better because the Essential oils are not being blocked by the old stagnant blood.

The other benefit by using the special Bian Stone Therapy™ cream, is that it is designed to melt and become an ‘oil’ AFTER the body is softer, and the Bian Stone properties have created enough heat, to change the cream to an ‘oil’ and then release the Essential Oils into the body when the time is optimal and at its best!

After the treatment, the skin feels softer and not as ‘greasy’ as if any normal “carrier” oils had been used. Many clients like this added benefit of softer skin and less oil stains on their clothes.



Most people can get great benefits from Bian Stone Therapy™ however some client conditions may cause concern for the Therapist. With the knowledge of the condition, steps may be taken to still make it possible and safe to have a Bian Stone Therapy™ Treatment.

Clients should always disclose in full any health issues, medications, pregnancy, and medical history to the Therapist. If in doubt, consult your Doctor before starting with Bian Stone Therapy™. The Bian Stone Therapy™ Therapists on this site are experienced professionals who can safely help you.


What can Bian Stone Therapy™ be used for

Bian Stone Therapy™ can be used for a wide range of conditions, anything from Pregnancy, Foot Problems, Pain Management to fewer Wrinkles, Smoother Skin, and much more.

Below is a brief overview some of the more common conditions that Bian Stone Therapy™ can help. Please note that the list below is only a brief over view. The full list is quite extensive and is quite onerous to read. Please ask your Therapist for more information if necessary.

Bian Stone Therapy can be used for:

Pain Relief (muscle, joint, fascia and nerve)

  • Back ache
  • Neck pain
  • Pain in arms, hands, feet and legs
  • Phantom Pain

De-genitive Diseases such as;

  • Arteritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Osteoporosis
  • Diabetes
  • MS
  • Cancer (check with Doctor first)
  • And many others
  • May be used inconjunction with many other treatments

Face Beauty

  • Reduce and Minimise Wrinkles
  • Reduce Fine Lines
  • Makes skin looking Smoother and Younger
  • Removes Dark Circles under the Eyes
  • Reduce Puffy Eyes
  • Balance Uneven Tones
  • Reduce Double Chin
  • Improves Skin Condition
  • Help to Reduce Old Scars (like Acne Scars)
  • Enhance Facial Shape
  • Makes Pores Appear Smaller

Other Beauty Improvements;

  • Cellulite
  • Fat burning (like a small local lipo-suction) on stubborn areas
  • Fat Lumps
  • Spider veins

Pregnancy and after Birth (done softly and with NO Essential Oils);

  • Soft Back strokes
  • Feet
  • Legs
  • Hands, Arms and Shoulder
  • Mastitis (blocked Milk Ducts)

Brain Function;

  • Better Concentration
  • Increase of Oxygen in Blood helps with Clearer Thinking
  • Headaches

Helps With;

  • More Energy
  • Relaxation
  • Less Anxiety
  • Detoxification
  • Increasing Blood Flow
  • Increase uptake of Micro Nutrients
  • Promote Healthy Immune System
  • Starting many Healing Processes
  • Reduce Swelling and Edema
  • Soften Scar Tissue (scars looks less obvious)
  • Improve and Strengthen the Immune System
  • Stimulates Bone Regeneration
  • Neutralising FREE Radicals
  • Increasing the Blood Alkalinity (without robbing the body for Calcium as a ‘buffer’)
  • Better Sleep
  • Open Meridian Pathways
  • Rejuvenates Cells
  • Balance Emotions
  • Better Overall Health and Wellbeing


Bian Stone Therapy™ is a SUPERIOR and UNIQUE treatment for a whole range of conditions. It has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), and has been Westernised to make it more widely accessible.

The best way to experience a Bian Stone Therapy™ treatment is to call up a therapist close to you and book a time. If you already have a Massage Therapist who does NOT yet offer Bian Stone Therapy™, ask your Therapist to contact us, and we will be Happy to assist them to add Bian Stone Therapy™ to their list of treatments they can offer.

If you have a question for us, then please click on the Contact Us link. We will be happy to assist. If would like to help spread the word of Bian Stone Therapy™, then please share your great experiences via the Contact Us link. We will be pleased to acknowledge your contribution.

If you want to understand better the difference between TCM and Western Medicine, please down load our FREE REPORT (if you not done it all ready!). We are happy to have shared these pages of what Bian Stone Therapy™ is and we hope YOU have found YOUR reason WHY you want to try Bian Stone Therapy™ out for yourself!

We are looking forward to hear from you!