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History of Bian Stone

A very long time ago, around 65 million years ago, a big meteorite from out of space collided with the earth in the western part of Shandong in China. The impact between the Meteorite and earth created a mountain.

For many millions of years the earth kept on develop and changing but the mountain in Western Shandong, was still standing where it once got formed.


Due to the particularly circumstances in how this mountain was formed, like the sort of rock that made impact with earth, the special features and substances that can be found in the stone of this mountain has not been found anywhere else in the world…yet!


The stones from this mountain are known as Bian stone!

As the history goes on, it is said that Bian stone has been used from the time of the Stone Age. People did most likely find that being around these particular rocks and stone made them feel different. It is also said that animals liked to sit and lay on Bian stones. We will discover and understand later, in the section of the properties of the Bian stone, why this was the case…


As time went on, some Doctors in China observed that certain Musicians were healthier and lived longer that were expected. As the Doctors observed and tried to found out WHY this was the case, they found the Musicians that achieved these extra health benefits all used musical instruments made from…Bian stone.

Most likely, these musicians were the once that played for the Emperor and for the Imperial court, as the Bian stones were both rare and expensive.


In the Yellow Emperor’s Medical Book (written about 305-204 B.C) Bian stone healing was considered the most important part of TCM.

These is noteworthy, as it was ‘competing’ with both Acupuncture, Moxibustion (we can call it ‘heat therapy’ for short)Traditional Chinese Medicine and Massage.

Do you wonder WHY we have heard so little about the Bian stone, and WHY the knowledge was ‘lost’ for such a long time?

The reason is, because it was very difficult to get to the Bian Stone Mountain that was located far from where people lived, so the shortage of the Bian stone made people start to use more common and more accessible stones (like jade), even if the quality was inferior.


The modern history to the Bian stone started in the early 1980’s. Professor Yang, a famous musician in China wanted to restore a couple of very old musical instrument, made of stone that had been found in the ground of Shandong.

Professor Yang got help from Professor Geng from Beijing, who conducted the scientific research to find the right stone to restore the musical instruments.The research discovered that it was only one type of stone that matched the properties of the instruments…the stone was Sibin pumice.

When Professor Geng did his research and made tests on the Sibin pumice he established that the stone had the same qualities as the long lost Bian Stone, the highly effective ‘Healing Stone’ written about in the Yellow Emperor’s Medical Book.


The result of more testing and research found that Bian stone has extraordinarygood therapeutic effects…toxic free, just as the Yellow Emperor Medical Book said. Other words for Therapeutic are Healing, Beneficial, Calming, Relaxing, Tonic, Helpful, and Salutar. The outcome of Professor Yang’s search for replacing some stone parts of an old instrument, become that in the early 1990’s a very old natural, healing method was re-discovered.