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Bian Stone Properties

What makes the Bian Stone so special?

Due to the special circumstances that lead to the formation of the Bian Stone…the place from out of space where the meteorite come from, the size of it when it collided with earth and the place the meteorite hit the ground, all contribute to make the Bian Stone unique!

We will first mention some of the Bian Stones properties in short and after go into each of the properties in more details and explain about what benefits to the human body those may have and may do.

The Bian Stone;

  • There are more than 40 trace elements and minerals in the Bian Stone. Some very rare!
  • About 20 of these trace Elements and Minerals are said to have anti-ageing properties!
  • By rubbing it against the skin, the Bian Stone can generate far infrared red waves
  • The Friction between the skin and the Bian Stone can create ultrasound pulses in the therapeutic ultra sound wave range
  • The Bian Stone can produce negative ions when rubbed against the skin
  • Negative Ions are known to help with the anti- oxidation (anti-aging) process in humans cells and DNA
  • The structure of the Bian Stone’s is 96% compact calcite crystal, with a size less than 0.03mm. Making the Bian Stone super SMOOTH!

All of the above shows the Bian stone’s unique properties at a glance.

Let’s have a look at each of these parts in isolation and see;

  • WHY they are important?
  • How they work?
  • What they may do in the Human Bodies?

Trace Elements and Minerals

With around 40 different trace element and minerals, the Bian Stone must be a chemical interested person’s heaven! If you are NOT Chemical minded and/or if you missed a few lessons in chemistry, don’t panic! We will not make this section difficult to understand or hard to follow. However, to try to understand the Bian Stone’s healing power, it helps to understand what some of these trace elements and minerals DO, and why they are important for the human body and it’s functions.

Trace elements are also called micro nutrients, and many of these elements are essential to the vitality and health to the human body…in very small amounts. Often these micro nutrients are part of vital enzymes, very small particles in our body that makes things happen.

We may say that enzymes are essential in the process of starting chemical reactions in the body. Like dough needs yeast (enzymes) to rise and beer needs yeast (enzymes) to ferment, the body needs different enzymes to start different processes. With the wrong enzyme and/or wrong environment the dough will not rise and the liquid will not become beer…the process can’t start!

It’s the same in our body, we may have all the building blocks to do the different jobs but NO (or not enough) Enzymes to start the process. This lack of starting a process may be due to a lack of micro nutrients, the wrong environment, or not enough enzymes in the first place for the process to occur.

In today’s hectic lifestyle, many of us may not have the time to live and work as we know we should to achieve a better lifestyle. Stress and lack of time often interfere with good intentions. Stress, lifestyle choices, inherited DNA, pollution, or random occurrences can make the environment for some enzymes less welcoming, less friendly, and less effective.

A lack of micro nutrients can cause enzymes to not start, or not have enough ‘power’ to do the job they were intended to do.

Another example how Enzymes work is Antibiotics! In the process of killing bad bacteria, antibiotics kill staggering large numbers of “good” bacteria, and throw a whole range of body systems off track. Basically the antibiotics throw the body out of balance. By throwing the body out of balance, the use of the Antibiotics can cause all sorts of other complications such as thrush (in the mouth or the vagina). The Antibiotic has changed the environment in the body. When the environment goes back to normal, or the body gets back into balance, the thrush disappears. However this can only occur IF the body has enough enzymes to start the process to get the body back into BALANCE!!!

Back to the Bian Stone!

When using the Bian Stone on the human body, some of the Bian Stone’s 40 or so different micro nutrients get absorbed into the body and finds its way into the blood stream. In the blood, the micro nutrients bind with enzymes, making the enzymes vital and strong! Through the body’s blood stream, the now energetic and robust enzymes makes contact with muscles, tissues, organs (like the liver, heart, lungs, stomach, spleen and kidneys) as well as the brain. These energetic and robust enzymes lead to more health giving processes, which in turn may start to help the body heal itself as it moves towards balance or homeostasis!

Some, but not all, of the trace elements and minerals in the Bian Stone are; Zn, Mn (different from Magnesium), Sr, Ti, Cr, Ca, Fe, P, K, V and Na.

In conclusion to this brief look at the properties of the Bian Stone, it is good to mention that regular using the Bian Stone in Bian Stone Therapy™ is an easy and effective way to get many micro nutrients, trace elements, minerals and enzymes into the body, without trying to find them all in food or adding any more calories to our diet!

Far Infra-Red

We can’t see Far Infra-Red under normal circumstances… but we can FEEL it! Far Infra-Red is the warmth you feel when you are close to another person. You may feel in when you for example hold someone’s hand or are close to their body…or getting touched by somebody.

Hands are shown to have the greatest concentration of Far Infra-Red waves (or light) in the human body. When we talk about someone has Healing Hands it is the Far Infra-Red waves that creates the conditions that make the Healing from one person transfer to the client to help the client ‘get healed’. Many Great HEALERS have naturally a lot of Far Infra-Red heat coming out of their hands.

You may also FEEL Far Infra-Red from the Sun.

Far Infra-Red light is the GOOD light enclosed in Sunlight that is responsible for photosynthesis in plants, other organisms…and the human body’s cells!!! Photosynthesis is the process that converts light energy, into chemical energy that can later be used as fuel of the cells. It stimulates metabolism!!! This may come as a surprise for many people – we may NOT get all of our energy from FOOD.

A big part of our energy can come from Far Infra-Red light obtained from the Sun, other body’s (human and animals) and to make things easier…from the Bian Stone!!! Far Infra-Red light is NOT like the Ultraviolet (UV) rays that can burn and cause a lot of BAD things to our skin and bodies. We want to avoid UV rays, but we want to get Far Infra-Red light!!!

Far Infra-Red waves (or light)

  • Can NOT be seen by the naked eye
  • Generates HEAT (that can be FELT)
  • This heat waves can penetrate deep into the Human body (up to 3.5 inches or 8.75cm)
  • This increase of temperature ACTIVATES many important Bodily Functions
  • Creates heat from INSIDE that then radiates
  • The above increases DETOXIFICATION of the cells (makes the body a healthier environment for the cells!).
  • Increases Blood Flow
  • Increases Micro-Circulation (to the small capillaries)
  • Due to the above, Far Infra-Red increases Oxygen and Nutrition to the Cells
  • The Far Infra-Red light makes the cells more Energetic and Stronger
  • Some experts say that up to 50% of our energy may come from Far Infra-Red. This why we tend to eat more when we are inside for long periods of time. Could this be part of the obesity epidemic sweeping across the Western world?
  • Promotes a healthy immune system!
  • A decline in Far Infra-Red makes the Body more subject to Disease and Illness…and for the body (and Skin) to Age faster!
  • Starts many healing processes in the Human Body due to the Increased and Deeper Blood Flow, more Oxygen and Nutrition to the tissues (like Muscles and Joints) and Stronger and more Energised cells.
  • Due to the above the Far Infra-Red waves helps to RELIVE PAIN
  • Best results with Far Infra-Red Therapies are when the Far Infra-Red ‘object’ touches the Human Body.
  • In Bian Stone Therapy™ the Far Infra-Red ‘object’ (the Bian Stone) is in contact with the body!

Therapeutic Ultra Sound

Ultra sound technology can be used to create images of an unborn child, still inside the womb as the sound waves get converted into images by a computer. Ultra Sound Waves are used by Bats to navigate precisely through pitch black surroundings, identifying obstacles by the echo.These are examples of how Ultra Sound can be used.

Therapeutic Ultra Sound generally refers to any Ultrasonic practice that uses Ultrasound for Therapeutic benefits

Other names for Therapeutic are;

  • Healing
  • Beneficial
  • Relaxing
  • Calming
  • Helpful
  • Tonic

The Sound Waves from the Therapeutic Ultra Sound give out ENERGY! This Energy is absorbed by soft tissues in the body.

Soft Tissues are divided into Connective Tissues like;

  • Tendons
  • Ligament
  • Fascia
  • Skin
  • Fat
  • Fibrous tissues
  • Scar tissues
  • Synovial membranes (bursa)

and NOT Connective Tissues like;

  • Muscle
  • Nerves
  • Blood Vessels

There are a few very great benefits to use Therapeutic Ultra Sounds for different conditions in the body.

  1. The first is that the Ultra Sound Waves speeds up the healing process in the area that is treated with Therapeutic Ultra Sound, by the increased blood flow it’s creating.
  2. The second is that it reduces Pain from the reduction of swelling and edema.
  3. Thirdly, the Therapeutic Ultra Sound waves gentle massages tendons and/or ligaments in the area that is treated. That is a great way to reduce and soften any scar tissue that may be a result of an old injury!
  4. Fourth, the result from the vibration of Therapeutic Ultra Sound waves directly stimulates cell-membranes. This stimulation seems to improve the cell repair and increase the inflammatory response in the body.

To say it in another way…the use of Therapeutic Ultra Sound helps the body improve or build up its Immune System.

Other uses of Therapeutic Ultra Sound include:

  • Ultrasound-assisted lipectomy (Liposuction assisted by Ultra Sound)
  • Stimulate Bone Regeneration
  • Killing Bacteria.

By having Bian Stone Therapy™ YOU too may help Your body archive some of the benefits from the Therapeutic Ultra Sound!

Negative Ions

Negative Ions are GOOD for us! In this section we will try to simplify what Negative Ions (anions) are and what they DO in our body. In other words WHY do we NEED them! WE will also cover WHERE you can NATURALLY find some Negative Ions and how to get them into our bodies. One of the GREAT Health benefits with the Bian Stone is that by using it right, the Bian Stone generates and makes Negative Ions that get absorbed into the body though the skin.

Keep on reading and you too will get AMAZED how these little Ions may increase our Health and Wellbeing as well as making us Happier and REDUCE WRINKLES!!!

Just to balance it a bit, we will also cover what Positive Ions (cations) are and do and WHY we want to reduce them in our bodies. A real Health stealer those Positive Ions are!

People through history have known that the air changes with weather, wind,  seasons, locations and …full moon! All of the above changes the ‘electrical charge’ in the air. As late as 1899 two German scientists discovered that there are very small particles in the atmosphere that carry electricity. These small particles were later named “air ions”. Ions come from the Greek word meaning ‘to go’ or ‘wander about’. Isn’t it fantastic, that even if people, long before that, didn’t KNOW this scientific fact, they took advantage of its existence!

You will discover some of the health benefits soon….

The following may sound a bit technical, but it will make sense a little later. Ions are invisible particles, far too small for the naked eye to see, which carry an electric charge. An Atom is surrounded by these invisible particles. If you can picture the Sun surrounded by Planets and Moons, then you may be able to picture an atom and its electrical changed particles….in a much smaller scale! These electrical charged particles are very sensitive to electrical current and changes in the atmosphere pressure. If the atom loses one, or more, of its electrons due to a high-energy influence, then the lost electron will become a Positive Ion. If a Positive Ion is missing an electron, then it will go out looking for one Negative charged electron to ‘steal’.

If there are not enough easy Negative Ions to ‘steal’, then the Positive Ions will just cause havoc when they find some damaged or weak organ or tissue to latch onto. This damaged organ or tissue then becomes a magnet to other Positive Ions who have not found a Negative Ion. On cars we call this damage RUST!

In the body the Positive Ions are maybe better known as ‘FREE RADICALS’ and are the big contributor to our AGING and other unwanted health challengers! We may see the word ‘Free Radicals’ without giving it many thoughts.

Please STOP and have a look at the meaning of ‘Radicals’

  • Extremists
  • Rebel
  • Nonconforming
  • Activists
  • Diehards
  • Revolutionaries
  • Mutineers
  • Fanatics

So, if we met a ‘Fee Radical’ on the street, we would most likely NOT want much to do with one…or a group of them at all. Some Governments and Countries in fact do all in their POWER to STOP ‘Free Radicals’ running around in society and wanting to DAMAGE to other People and Property! Hopefully You NOW have a better understanding WHY we NOT WANT ‘Free Radicals’ in our body, without a way to control them!

Negative Ions are an atom that has GAINED one or more negatively charged electrons. Negative Ions are mostly and in abounded found around Waterfalls, in natural Health Springs (like the Lourdes in France), in the Forests and on the Beach. The reasons for the Negative Ions are found in such great numbers in these locations are the Negative Ions are naturally created by evaporating water! Negative Ions are also a result of air molecules breaking away from Sunlight.

As the atom has GAINED one or more negative charged ions, these negative ions are by nature’s laws, magnetically drawn to the loose Positive Ions (opposites attract). The Negative Ions NEUTRALISE the Free Radicals (Positive Ions) preventing them from doing damage in the body. If we have ‘spare’ Negative Ions in our body we may reverse or delay the aging process and start repair a lot of damage those little ‘bad’ particles have done.

Unfortunately our modern lifestyles have made a heaven for Positive Ions to exist. Yes, Positive Ions are created naturally by weather and wind and have done so from the beginning of time. However, today we have TOO MANY of the Positive Ions and NOT ENOUGH Negative Ions.

Common Positive Ion generators (these are really BAD) are;

  • Air conditioner (both home, car and office…and hospitals)
  • Mobile phones (and its towers)
  • TV
  • Computers
  • Playing Computer Games
  • Other Electric Magnetic Field Devices and Places (like microwaves and high power electric grid stations)
  • Smoke (like from cigarette and/or factories)
  • Pesticides and Herbicides (in food and drinks)
  • Food Additives
  • Carbonated Drinks, or Sodas (these are really BAD!)
  • Water that has been standing still for a long time (like bought bottled water!)
  • Water that have had additives added to it (like fluoride and chlorine)
  • Reversed Osmosis Water

What symptoms may an overload of Positive Ions produce in the Human Body?

Let have a look at that first…. and then go to the benefits of a surplus of Negative Ions will give.

An overload of Positive Ions (free Radicals) in the body may;

  • Increases Breathing Difficulties (like in Asthma)
  • Impair Brain Functions (like ‘foggy’ thinking)
  • Poor Concentration Span (quickly loose attention on a task)
  • Cause Headaches (like before a thunder storm)
  • Increase Fatigue (tired for no apparent reason)
  • Increase Anxiety (inner turmoil and more and ‘normal’ worries)
  • Irritable (sweating the ‘small stuff’)
  • Create Stomach Ache
  • Vertigo (feeling ‘dizzy’)
  • Insomnia
  • High level of Stress Hormones
  • Decrease the Immune System
  • And more…

Benefits of an overload of NEGATIVE Ions may be;

  • Better Concentration (great for all, but especially children with ADHD)
  • More Relaxed
  • More Energy
  • Increased Blood Alkalinity (without robbing bones for Calcium as a ‘buffer’)
  • Increases Oxygen in the Blood (and by that more Oxygen in all tissue and organs in the body!)
  • Balance the involuntary nervous system (like blood vessels, heart rate and perspiration)
  • Improve the Gastro-Intestinal functions (get more ‘regular’ bowel moments and digest more nutrients from the food we eat)
  • Better Sleep
  • Stabilize Blood Pressure
  • Suppress Appetite (a lot of people are hungry as the body tries to deal with an Positive Ion overload)
  • Faster Recovery Time from Exercise (sports people have start using Negative Ions for better result and longer endurance)
  • Faster Recovery from Surgery
  • Anti-Inflammatory (anything from a sprained ankle, mastitis to arthritis and more…)
  • Purifies Blood (Detoxing!)
  • Increases Metabolism (great if anyone wants to lose some weight)
  • Strengthen the Immune System
  • Cell rejuvenation (great for better skin complexion)
  • Reverse De-Generative Diseases (like Diabetes, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis…)
  • Better overall Health and Wellbeing

As you can see, we want MORE Negative Ions into our bodies.

Using Bian Stone Therapy™ is an easy way to get Negative Ions into our bodies!!!

The Bian Stone is UNIQUE!

Thanks to a Meteorite crashing into Earth for so many millions of years ago, we can still today reap the benefits of what occurred in the western part of Shandong in China. The Bian Stone‘s properties make it an outstanding choice to use in Healing and increase Health and Wellbeing. Just remember, that it is NOT the Bian Stone that DOES the Healing…

The Bian Stone is instrument, the tool to help the body to do its work as it intended to do. If you have read our FREE REPORT, you will see this Philosophy, that the BODY CAN HEAL ITSELF goes back to the Eastern Philosophy as well as in the root of Western Medicine (as taught by Hippocrates).

If You have not yet read it, click on the this link FREE REPORT and you will get a better understanding of WHY the Western Medicine has so many issues accepting Natural Healing.

To learn more about what Bian Stone Therapy™ is, please go to the next page about GUA SHA. If you want to get a massage, using Bian Stone Therapy™, please have a look at the list, on our website, of Professional Massage Therapists and Reflexologist that practice Bian Stone Therapy™.