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Since I started incorporate Bian Stone Massage™ in my normal regular massage. I have found that I can stand up straighter, have a full night sleep, my hand…I can bend my fingers (they have been too stiff to do that for about 11 months). I felt very relaxed…oh yeah! So relaxed I ‘melted’ into the massage table and didn’t want to move. It felt I was floating on air! Oh yes, the back pain and ‘burning’ I feel in my back goes away when I have this therapy done. I recommend everybody to have a massage that incorporates Bian Stone Therapy™.

– Lilly Hoffman, 53, Adelaide

I first tried the Bian Stone in September, when Mia first brought it to my massage appointment. The Bian Stone got much deeper into my muscles, more so that a regular massage. I could feel warmth and my tense muscle start to relax and my headache go away. The first go with the stone was a bit ‘rough’, but the feeling afterward was that my tense muscle was easier and freer. I have always had headaches, and have had backaches for many years this treatment has been very helpful in the treatment of my chronic pain. My back, neck, shoulders feel much better with help of the Bian Stone Therapy™. The burn pain feeling in my back goes away when I have this therapy done!

– Colleen Pringle, 41, Adelaide

About 16years ago, my big toes felt like blobs of kiddies’ plasticine and took a greyish pallor. Two independent Doctors recommended amputation. Well…that wasn’t to happen so I decided to ignore the problem in the vain hope it would go away. Unlike fine wine, the condition did not improve with age. Luckily, I chanced a consult with Mia from ‘Lifestyle Essential’ and after about three months of treatment my Big toes were a healthy pink again. Yes, this did hurt and Yes, I did say ‘Oh’ out loud (and maybe a few stronger words too!). As Mia’s and my paths went separate ways some years ago, I had an awkward situation when my problem in my big toes started to reappear again. Having tried four different practitioners, I find myself compelled to return to the one that can actually fix problems.After just TWO treatments with the Bian Stone I feel confident that all the feeling has returned well!

– Paul Harman, 62, Highland Valley SA

Approximately 6 weeks after having a knee reconstruction, I was struggling to get my knee straight. After using Bian Stone with the cream for “Muscle Joint Pain”, I was impressed that I was able to straighten it much more than before the treatment. Thank you Mia.

– James, 15, Adelaide

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